Grad School Search: Revisited

Hello Followers! Over the break, I’ve been looking deeper into the admissions process and requirements for the following schools: Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) – Master of Science in Leadership Development, Student Services Concentration Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas) – Master of Science in College Student Development, Administration Option Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri) -…… Continue reading Grad School Search: Revisited

Writing A Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose

Hello Readers. I am currently trying to put together my first statement of purpose for one of the universities that I am interested in for graduate school. Honestly, I am really struggling with where to begin and what all to say. I don’t want to basically put everything that is on my resume within the…… Continue reading Writing A Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose

Preparing for Summer Internships

Hello Followers! Now that it is finally winter break, I can take a little time to focus on preparing for potential interviews for summer internships in 2016. Currently, I registered as a candidate for the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) Housing Internship Program and I have been looking at a…… Continue reading Preparing for Summer Internships

Beginning My Grad School Search

Hello Followers! Lately I’ve been looking into several student affairs graduate programs both in the state of Arkansas and out-of-state. I’m trying to narrow my list down to at least 3, however, there are so many options I just can’t pick. I’ve recently viewed the following programs: Drake University – Master of Science, Leadership Development,…… Continue reading Beginning My Grad School Search


Hello Readers! Welcome to my new blog, Mike Harris: My Journey Into Higher Education & Student Affairs. With this blog, I will be documenting my quest toward becoming a student affairs / higher education professional. From my campus involvement to applying to graduate school, to getting that first professional job. I’m hoping that this blog…… Continue reading Introduction