On Track to Washington, DC and Chicago, IL!

Hello Readers!

This month was the deadline for applications to attend the Arkansas Tech University On Track trip and my nerves were through the roof. On Track is a co-curricular experience where there are 7 categories, each containing a series of events based on a particular topic such as career preparation, individual health and wellness, building leadership skills, and getting involved in the Russellville and Arkansas Tech community through service and attending on-campus events, to complete each category, you must attend 3 events then complete a post test.

After completing all 7 categories, a student can apply and interview for a chance to attend an all expenses paid trip to various locations to experience travel, culture, and service.

After applying for the trip once already, I was pretty nervous. This is an experience that I had never had before so I was really hoping that I get to go this time.

On Track Trip

Then, 4 days later it happened, I got the email and I was selected to attend the trip. I am so excited, this will be my first time flying and my first time visiting another state without my family which makes me feel like I am really an adult.


ACUHO-I Internship Process: Offers Begin

Hello Readers,

Today is the day that pretty much every ACUHO-I candidate has been waiting for. The day where host sites are able to make offers to prospective candidates. The night before today seemed like it went on forever and I was so happy when I finally got that first email. Unfortunately, it was not for a job offer however, it was still an opportunity.

I did not get a position, however I am still an alternate which to me is better than “all the positions have been filled”. Although I am a little disappointed that I did not get offered a position, this little bit of hope still fills my heart with joy and even if I do not receive a position, participating in this process has definitely given me a confidence boost considering how I made this far in the process as a undergraduate student.

The truth is, anything can happen between now or tomorrow or next week and even though things seem like there is no hope, this is the time to be positive and be patient for anything that may happen later on.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all the other candidates out there.