Training@Brown Begins

The first days of my internship at Brown University for their Pre-College Summer Programs has arrived. Training has begun and so there is so much to do before the students actually arrive on campus. So far my experience has been phenomenal. I really feel like I belong here which is rather unexpected.

Mike & Bruno

Being around so many students that actually attend this and other ivy league institutions, I kind of felt a bit intimidated at first, but once I got to know everyone, I honestly feel like we’re all one big family. It actually feels pretty awesome to be the only one from Arkansas (as far as I know). For the first time in never, I actually feel like I belong somewhere. I feel like I can really be myself here at Brown.

I also really enjoy getting to learn from the Residence Directors and Program Managers that are here who are all currently in Master’s programs at a number of different institutions. I really feel like I can look up to some of them and hopefully gather some skills to help jumpstart my student affairs journey.

I am looking forward to the many amazing things to come throughout the rest of the summer.