The Advantages of Being An Underprivileged Student

Hello Readers,

I wanted to take the time to talk (write) a little bit about a few of the key advantages and the disadvantages of being an underprivileged student. I am hoping that by comparing these advantages and disadvantages, I can open the eyes of other students that could be feeling discouraged about their situation.

***Note: These are selected based on my opinion and what I have experienced.***

The Disadvantages

  • Underprivileged students generally have to work harder to achieve their goals.
  • Resources are sometimes limited.
  • Most people (even mentors) may not really understand our struggle.
  • Although we may qualify for certain opportunities we often are unable to accept them because of our financial hardship.
  • We often have to make sacrifices to get where we want to be.
  • We often don’t feel that we are good enough and sometimes we are even told that we will never be anything.

Now I know you’re probably thinking right now: “How can there be an advantage to being underprivileged?” As a student that is low-income, first-generation, and comes from various minority groups, I can explain those advantages.

The Advantages

  • Underprivileged students that have work harder and more mentally prepared for the realities of “The Real World”.
  • Although they are sometimes limited, the resources that are available can play a big part in our success.
  • When we are successful, we can set an example for others like us and show them that we CAN do it.
  • Being underprivileged and successful CAN be what sets us apart from others in the job market.
  • Disadvantaged students that are successful are respected in the field.
  • We have very few to lose but EVERYTHING to gain if we just try.

The lists can go on and on, but what is important is being underprivileged doesn’t have to be all bad.  Being disadvantaged and underrepresented does not mean that you can’t be successful.

There IS success for us. We CAN be the very best in the field. and we CAN make a difference for others that are like us.

Thank you for reading.


What is REAL Diversity?

Hello Readers,

****Please Note:  The following is strictly my opinion that is based on my personal experiences.****

Lately, I have really been struggling with what “diversity” really means and what it means to be “diverse”.

The dictionary defines Diversity as the following: “the state of being diverse” or “a range of different things”

I have been struggling with this the most when it comes to finding employment.

They say that they strive to be diverse and have a diverse enviornment, yet everyone looks the same.

To me, their definition of diversity appears to be “Any person that is classified as a person of color or a person that identifies as a minority”.

As a person that identifies with multiple minority groups, I understand what Diversity really means. I understand that it is more than just the color of my skin or being all in for myself and others that are exactly like me.

If you are searching for an employee that is the same as everyone else on staff, I don’t consider that to be a “diverse” work environment. If everyone meets the same demographic other than wanting to work in that area, it is NOT “diverse”. Diversity should be considered as a variety of different people, demographics or situations, not just as a person who is a person of color.

It makes me feel bad that certain people only want to consider me “diverse” because I’m black not because I can stand out as a candidate with different experiences.

In reality, EVERYONE is considered diverse because no one person is the same, not even identical twins.

What does Diversity really mean? What does it mean to you?

Thank you for reading.

Why I Went To College

Hello Readers,

As most of you know, I recently graduated from Arkansas Tech University and closed the book on yet another milestone in my life.  The feeling of being a college graduate, and being the first in my family to graduate with a 4-year degree just feels amazing.

Upon graduation, it didn’t surprise me that I didn’t have a job right out of graduation. In reality, not everyone does. Just because you go to college doesn’t mean that you can magically get any job that you want. College graduates have to work at getting a job just as much as someone who doesn’t have a degree but has years of experience.

What I do know is that I don’t need people in my face telling me that I shouldn’t have wasted my time going to college. That they told me so and that I shouldn’t have wasted 4 years of my life working for this piece of paper.

I went to college, not because I didn’t have a choice (due to my parents), I went to college because I knew what I wanted for myself. I know I can’t be where I want to be without a college education. I set goals for myself because I know that when it comes to my goals, I have to count on myself first and foremost.

WhetherI don’t get a job until next week, next month, or in the next 6 months, I know that I worked my butt off to get my degree and I will never regret everything that I have learned from my experience.

If people want to hate on my success, go ahead and be haters. Because I have something that no one can ever take away from me and that’s the knowledge, experience and this fancy piece of paper with my name on it.


The Search Continues

Hello Readers,

It has definitely been a while since I have made a post. After graduation, I dove completely into job applications.

By now, I have applied for over 50 different jobs and I’m beginning to wonder if I am good enough or if I might be aiming too high with some of the positions that I have sought for.  I understand that rejection is a big part of the process to finding the right job that is the right “fit”, but because of my financial challenges, I can’t help but find myself worrying from time to time throughout the process.

My biggest fear is accepting the wrong opportunity. I don’t want my financial situation to cloud my judgement on my decisions when I finally get to the point of having job offers.

All I know is I want to do the best I can both in interviews and in making the right decisions. I know that the man upstairs is leading me in the right direction and I know I will end up where I need to be at the right time.