Goal Setting: The Short Term & The Long Term

Hi Readers,

So the other day, I was explaining to a good friend of mine about the importance of setting goals and how setting a realistic short term and a realistic long term goal can really make the difference when you are feeling discouraged. When you feel like all odds are against you and you feel like you have no one to depend on but yourself.

The best way I have dealt with this is by setting myself a long term goal which will span out roughly 5 to 10 years, and a short-term goal that I can accomplish in weeks or months and continue setting several small goals until I reach my ultimate goal.


I believe that having several small goals to accomplish as you grow closer to your long term goal helps an individual feel as they are on the right track to achieving success.

My short term goals involve securing a job (either full-time or a graduate assistantship), and getting into a graduate program to start in the Fall of 2017.

My long term goal is to obtain a position as the Vice President of Student Services / Student Affairs at a 4-year degree granting institution where I will be able to make a big impact for students in that community.

Despite the self-doubt that I have about my abilities, my goals are what keeps me going and what helps me to push through the tough times.

What are your goals? What steps will you take to achieve your long term goals and dreams?

Thanks for reading.