The Transition Begins

Hello Readers,

Today completes my first week as a full-time professional. This week has been full of excitement as well as nervousness and challenges. Living in a new state, in a new city, on a new campus and working with new people can all feel pretty overwhelming especially when you’re jumping right into professional staff training. WKU is much more than I ever imagined and it’s photo’s online doesn’t do the campus any justice. WKU is twice as big as my undergrad and the student demographics are just as different.

However, it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only person feeling this way and that there are many others that I am working with that felt the same way when they began in my position. They keep telling me “Don’t stress out yet”, but because of the person I am, learning to deal with my stress and nervousness is just another learning experience.

When you’re a new professional it can be kind of scary sometimes. In my mind, I know that they hired me over so many other applicants, so I want to give my 110% in my role, however, because I am new, it’s expected that I don’t know everything right away, especially when you’re transitioning from a school that’s completely different from yours.

My supervisor has been the best in reminding me of that and making me feel comfortable in my role, even when she challenged me. I was pretty nervous transitioning from being an interviewee to being an interviewer. Although I was nervous, I think I did well as an interviewer which has really boosted my confidence in this position.

I’m so excited to see what else I will learn through this role and though I am also a little nervous and scared, I know I have my awesome supervisor and co-workers to learn on.

Thanks for reading

-Mike Harris