#DoIBelongHere: Dealing With Imposter Syndrome in Higher Ed

Hello Readers, It has definitely been a culture shock these past few months being in a different city, and larger university as well as moving into the role of graduate student, supervisor and advisor. For years, I have often struggled with feeling like an imposter or feeling like I am not good enough. Although people…… Continue reading #DoIBelongHere: Dealing With Imposter Syndrome in Higher Ed

What Is My Next Next?

Hello Readers! Lately I have been involved in a mentoring program at WKU where I have been asked the following questions: “What is your next next?” “What are you doing to prepare yourself for more than just now?” For about two weeks now, I have really been thinking about this and to be honest, I’m…… Continue reading What Is My Next Next?

Conquering Mental Health As A SAPro

Hello Readers, A friend of mine is doing a podcast talking about mental health and so I wanted to take the time to give my two cents about mental health and working in student affairs. As a young professional today, I look back at my past and think about everything that I have had to…… Continue reading Conquering Mental Health As A SAPro

What Is Your Purpose?

Hello Readers, With it being graduation season, I thought I would write a little something to maybe inspire some of the many graduates that will be or have already walked across the stage and received their diplomas and degrees. When I decided to pursue Student Affairs as a career, I will be honest, my intentions…… Continue reading What Is Your Purpose?

Making Connections

What I have enjoyed the most about my Summer@Brown internship experience is being able to make connections, not just with many of the professionals that are currently in the field but also with current graduate students and others like me that are preparing to embark on their student affairs journey. For the past few weeks,…… Continue reading Making Connections

Time To Move On

Here at Brown, I have truly felt support from my fellow RAs and the RDs that are here for the Pre-College program. They don’t judge me based on my opinion, they are always extremely supportive and what is upsetting is I don’t remember ever genuinely getting this support from my home institution. I try to…… Continue reading Time To Move On

Grad School Search: Revisited

Hello Followers! Over the break, I’ve been looking deeper into the admissions process and requirements for the following schools: Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) – Master of Science in Leadership Development, Student Services Concentration Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas) – Master of Science in College Student Development, Administration Option Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri) -…… Continue reading Grad School Search: Revisited