Beginning My Grad School Search

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Lately I’ve been looking into several student affairs graduate programs both in the state of Arkansas and out-of-state. I’m trying to narrow my list down to at least 3, however, there are so many options I just can’t pick.

I’ve recently viewed the following programs:

Drake University – Master of Science, Leadership Development, Higher Education Concentration

Kansas State University – Master of Science, College Student Development, Administration Option

Missouri State University – Master of Science in Education, Student Affairs in Higher Education

Northwestern University – Master of Science in Education, Higher Education Administration and Policy

Texas Tech University – Master of Education, Higher Education

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville -Master of Education, Higher Education


Arkansas Tech University – Master of Science, College Student Personnel

At first I wasn’t going to take the GRE because of the cost, but now seeing that there are so many ways to cut the cost, I figured why not try taking it at least once.

I think this list may change several times before I actually begin applying to programs, however, I don’t see anything wrong with keeping my options open. I would love to hear any advice from those whom are currently in or whom have graduated from the above programs.

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Welcome to my new blog, Mike Harris: My Journey Into Higher Education & Student Affairs. With this blog, I will be documenting my quest toward becoming a student affairs / higher education professional. From my campus involvement to applying to graduate school, to getting that first professional job.

I’m hoping that this blog will be able to share my journey with those wanting to follow my path as well as gather advice from those that are sitting in the positions that I am hoping to hold post graduation.

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